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Уроки и упражнения для гитариста

Guitar Techniques/Total Guitar

Lesson With Carl Verheyen
Robben Ford Masterclass
Robben Ford - The Brother
Robben Ford - Another Jacket
Robben Ford How To Play Jazz Blues
John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom
Joe Satriani - Cryin'
Pat Martino Masterclass
Marty Friedman Masterclass
Marty Friedman Tech Session
Nuno Bettencourt Masterclas
Steve Vai - The Attitude Song
Vinnie Moore Masterclass
Zakk Wylde Masterclass Part 1
Zakk Wylde Masterclass Part 2
Kirk Hammett Masterclass
Steve Morse Soloing with Chromatics
Gary Moore Pentatonic Scale Positions
Richie Kotzen Masterclass
Bumblefoot - Mafalda
Andy James - Hybrid Picking 3
Andy James - Sweep Picking
Rick Graham - Octave Displacement
Rick Graham - Sweep Picking
Tech Session. ZZ Top Style File
Giorgio Serci Study no.6
Giorgio Serci Study No. 8
Paul Gilbert`s Killer Guitar Workout
Stevie Ray Vaughan Tech Session
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lenny
Danny Gatton Style
Martin Taylor - Danny Boy
ZZ Top - Blue Jean Blues
B.B King Guitar Style
Fills And Licks - Brent Mason Style
Funk - How To Funk Like Steve Cropper
Lenny Kravitz - 10 Riffs
Eric Clapton With Cream - Crossroads
Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits)

Blues Mutations Part 1
Blues Mutations Part 2
Blues Mutations Part 4
10 Hot Blues Licks
25 Blues Licks
10 Top Tapping Tips
Striking Chords Blues Rhythm
Pentatonic Rock Soloing
How To Use Delay
Rhythmic Displacement
Sweet Harmony
Sweet Harmony 2
Essential Blues Scale Licks
Soloing Over Major Triads
Symmetrical Sorcery (Guitar Lick)
Jazz Soloing Lesson 1 (Rhythm Changes Solo)
Jazz Soloing Lesson 2 (Soloing Over a Jazz Standard)
Jazz Soloing Lesson 3 (Standard Soloing)
Jazz Soloing Lesson 4 (Soloing Over Standards 2)
Fusion (Playing Outside)
Sweep Picking For Ridiculous Speed
Soloing Over Dominant Chords
Country - How To Blend Rhytm And Lead
Country Soloing - Vince Gill Style
Bossa Nova Study
Neo Classical Rock Rhytm
Neo Classical Rock Soloing
Funk - Single Note Funk
Hendrix Lead Style
10 Funky Fragments
11 Red Hot Metal Licks
Rush - Tom Sawyer

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