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the hard blues driven rock, . 1954 . 12 . - . 20 . , Polydor.

1976. . Makin' Magic Putting It Straight : - . - , , Go For What You Know (1979). Guitar Player 1980, , . Radio Active (1981) -. Rainbow. 80- - , .

1990 , , 80- School of Hard Knocks. Boom Boom, Live at the Diamond Club. 90- , , 10 .

, - Blues Bureau International. Blues Tracks (1993) 2000 - Just a Touch, Blues Magnet, Halfway To Somewhere, Lookin' Up, Best Of Blues + Live, Blues Tracks 2, Don't Feed The Alligators. T .

2001 Pat Travers Solo , Nils Lofgren's Guitar Bar . 2003 P.T. Power Trio . -, 60-70-. , ZZ Top, Grand Funk, Mountain, Cream. - -.

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Makin Magic in the Millennium

The first Pat Travers release of the new Millennium was another covers album, Dont Feed The Alligators, featuring a collection of songs more varied in style than those found on the Blues Tracks albums.

It did contain some of the usual suspects, however, such as Hendrix (Crosstown Traffic), while other notables receiving the Travers touch included Steely Dan (Black Friday).

In 2001 Pat was in the company of many of his musical contemporaries when he was part of the Voices of Classic Rock tour, a show featuring singers and musicians from many name bands of the 70?s and 80?s, including old friend Glenn Hughes and vocalist Joe Lynn Turner.

By way of contrast, that same year Pat performed solo at Nils Lofgrens Guitar Bar in Henderson, Nevada. The performance included some anecdotes from Pat, as well as a little Q&A time with the audience.

The Pat Travers Band trio that toured North America and Europe over those early Millennium years featured Eric Frates and Rick Navarro on drums and bass respectively, and this line-up recorded the live album Etched in Stone, recorded at the 2002 New Years Eve show in Tempe, Arizona.

Two different P.T. Power Trio bands then each released an album of hard and heavy classic rock covers from the catalogues of such rock luminaries as Cream, Free, Deep Purple and Queen. The first album, released in 2003, featured drummer Aynsley Dunbar and bassist Gunter Nezhoda, while three years later the P.T. Power Trio 2 was driven in the rhythm by bassist Steve Evans and sticksman Jeff Martin.

Pat also worked with drummer Carmine Appice, releasing the album It Takes a lot of Balls in 2004. Live at the House of the Blues followed, before a second studio album, Bazooka, was issued in 2005.

As 2005 hit the Summer time, Pat released his new album PT=MC2, featuring Frates and Navarro. Capturing the sound and attitude of traditional Pat Travers Band rock, its the natural successor to School of Hard Knocks, albeit fifteen years later.

Its a feisty little album from start to finish, from the opening chords of Elijah to the fun and funky brace of Lifes a Funny Old Dog and My Peach Pie.

Its a welcome addition to the Travers catalogue, but the best, certainly since the days of Black Pearls and Hot Shots, was yet to come.

By 2006 the Pat Travers Band were back to a four piece with the addition of guitarist Kirk McKim, and another live album (Stick to What You Know, Live in Europe) was released in 2007. Frank McDaniel had stepped in for Rick Navarro on bass, and although Eric Frates was still in the engine room, Sean Shannon would soon be back behind the kit for his second residency in the Pat Travers Band.

The definitive lineup of the all new four-piece Pat Travers Band was complete when Rodney OQuinn took over four-string duties.

And proof that the Pat Travers Band was in (eight) safe hands, courtesy of Messrs. Travers, McKim, Shannon and OQuinn, came as the second decade of the Millennium dawned

Fidelis and the future

Fidelis, backed by Alexus Records, was released as a download in March 2010 followed by CD issue a few months later. It is, quite simply, one of the best Pat Travers releases of any era.

The opener, the hot and rockin Ask Me Baby and the following number, the slower but no less raunchy Edge of Darkness set the tone early, with the albums rock edge tempered by lighter tracks such as the excellent Stay and When Im With You.

The album also proves what many have known since they first saw this four-piece perform together

Kirk McKim is the perfect sparring partner for Travers and a great guitarist in his own right, Rodney OQuinns four-string work compliments the band in a way not seen or heard since the departure of Mars Cowling, and Sean Shannons ridiculously powerful but controlled drumming drives this unit with a relentless energy.

Combine those individual talents with the chemistry being produced both in the studio and on the stage, and you have a line-up that is being favourably compared to the famous Travers-Thrall-Cowling-Aldridge band. And deservedly so.

This Pat Travers Band is also one seriously tight rockin unit, and live they always deliver. Pat welcomes longtime sticksman, Sandy Gennaro back into the fold. In between dates with the Pat Travers Band, Sandy has been a regular counselor at the World Famous, Rock and Roll Fantasy Camps The groove between Gennaro and OQuinn is a force that is undeniable. There is an energy that is tangible, an enjoyment that is infectious, and, quite frankly, you owe it to yourself to catch this band whenever and wherever you can.

From the streets of Toronto, to the streets of London, and still kicking your assThe Pat Travers Band.

Pat Travers/Fhoto: flickr.com

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Pat Travers floorboard

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