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Arlen Roth Lessons


Introduction to Slide Guitar

This is a subject near and dear to me, as I’ve been playing and teaching slide guitar now since the ’60s, and have really seen it all when it comes to this fascinating subject.

This introduction to playing slide guitar will get you to understand some of the important fundamentals related to this style, such as dampening with the left and right hands, fingerpicking (essential for slide), open E tuning, slide positions and even choosing the right slide.

It’s very important when learning this technique to realize it’s like playing an entirely whole new instrument. After all, we are now playing the strings, not the frets, and most often playing in an open chord tuning, which of course completely alters all the positions and harmonies you would normally play.

We will also discuss some “box” positions for E tuning to really get you started on your way to playing slide licks, while always keeping a watchful eye on the all important right hand. This lesson is essential for anyone who wants to play slide the right way. Enjoy! - Arlen Roth

Arlen Roth Lessons

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