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Descending Double Stops for the High E and G Strings

As Im sure youve sometimes noticed, two-note positions are somewhat ambiguous and can define many different chords that share their notes. But its through the use of moving double-stop lines like the ones in this lesson that we can begin to understand not only the chord shapes they come from, but the chords we are moving to and from melodically as we shift positions.

This becomes extremely crucial in this case, because with these shapes, it only takes one false move and were ruined! A single wrong note and weve set ourselves on the wrong path to the wrong chord change. We can usually get out of positional problems with single notes, but when weve committed ourselves to double-stops its already as if were playing chords, so we have to take extra care.

I remember that learning these were a big stumbling block during the early days of teaching myself to play. But if you can fine tune your ear to be prepared for these runs as they happen, youll be better equipped to head off any dangerous curves you may encounter. So enjoy yourselves. And happy double-stopping! - Arlen Roth

Arlen Roth Lessons

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